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Tattoo Removal

The popularity of tattoos has exploded in recent years, with people from all walks of life getting tattoos. While tattoos can be a beautiful way to express oneself, they can also be easily regretted like an ex-partner’s name, at Zenyu our IPL SuperLux machine has a Q switch tattoo removal system and can help you erase your unwanted tattoos quickly and affordable, without leaving behind any scars or regrets!
Our Q Switch 532 and 1064 N-Yag Laser breaks down the ink particles in tattoos, This machine can remove almost any tattoo, including red and cosmetic tattoos like eyebrows. Allowing them to be absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally.
So if you’re looking to erase your mistake, look no further than Tattoo Removal. We’d be happy to help!

Packages Available

Consultation & Patch Test $50
Business Card Size $150
A6 $220
A5 $300
A4 $380
Tattoo Removal

My Skin has improved immensely after my third enzyme treatment. I am very pleased!! Even from the first day i worked out i could see the diffrence with one treatment. Thank you


Sugaring of my eyebrows is fantastic. Seen incredible results of less regrowth. Highly recommend. Thank you ladies for great results.

Natalie F.

They do the best brows ever! Never have I been happier with the shape. Will definitely be back again and again!

Hannah C.

I’ve had an amazing experience at zenyu, I’ve never felt better about my skin and I won’t be doing anything different in the future.

Kate T.

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