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Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial is also known as China Doll Facial a Non-invasive, painless, and with nearly no recovery time, a breakthrough new treatment for oily, congested, open pores and acne skin times, Leaving a radiant, youthful look on the face after gently exfoliating away the top layer of skin and breaking down congestion.

How it all works? The liquid carbon will be applied to your face (or body), where it will be allowed to soak into your pores and then dried. The carbon forms a link with any contaminants, bacteria or oil, as well as dead skin cells, that may be present.

Our laser will be used to treat your skin, the carbon paste absorbs the laser light’s energy and heat, eliminating the microscopic particles in your pores, pain-free.

Elastin and collagen are stimulated and cells begin forming again in the deeper layers of the skin as a result of the Carbon Treatment. This evaporation occurs simultaneously with any accumulated oils or dirt that may be present on the skin’s outer layer. Although the sound effects of explosions and vaporization make it appear scary, you should not be alarmed. There is no pain or discomfort.

carbon facial

A mild tingling or a very small pinch has been described as the experience.

All new clients please book in for a consultation prior to the appointment so we can discuss pre and post-treatment

Consultation; $50
Full Face; $200
Chin & Nose; $85
Add On; $150

My Skin has improved immensely after my third enzyme treatment. I am very pleased!! Even from the first day i worked out i could see the diffrence with one treatment. Thank you!


Sugaring of my eyebrows is fantastic. Seen incredible results of less regrowth. Highly recommend. Thank you ladies for great results.

Natalie F.

They do the best brows ever! Never have I been happier with the shape. Will definitely be back again and again!

Hannah C.

I’ve had an amazing experience at zenyu, I’ve never felt better about my skin and I won’t be doing anything different in the future.

Kate T.

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