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Bridal Packages

The days leading up to your big day can be pretty stressful, so why not let someone

else worry about the details, including your skin?

From complete skin consultations to face and body treatments, we’ll be there for you from start to finish!

Preparation is key to getting your skin exactly where you want it for your wedding day, with our expert knowledge and years of experience, we’ll make sure that you’re looking picture-perfect on your special day. Our skin packages are designed to give you the best value for money, while still giving you the very best in service. We know that every groom and bride-to-be has different needs, which is why our packages range from simple facial treatments to more intensive, body treatments can also be included and all treatments are always tailored to the individual.

Booking a consultation 6 to 8 months prior to your big day so you have time to reach your skin goals.

We offer discounted wedding packages with complete skin consultations so you can make an

informed decision about the products and treatments that will suit you best.

Our skin specialists will be on hand to help guide you with professional advice and realistic a approach.

Zenyu Brides

bridal package

I have been attending Zenyu for my beauty and grooming needs for over 18 months. When I became engaged in November 2021, I reached out to Zenyu to see if they could assist me with prepping my skin for my wedding.

My first consultation was a thorough skin assessment to determine my skin needs.

I was advised to commence on EFA supplements, which resulted in a little purging in the first weeks. However, I then had several Enzyme Treatment facials which assisted in regular detoxification and removal of dead skin cells.

The appearance of my skin improved significantly- due to the combination of a variety of skin products (EFAs, deep pore cleanser, beta gel, herbal pigment oil, herb and mineral mist, creme citrique) and regular Enzyme treatments.

Being consistent with the use of the products, improving my water intake and the Enzyme Treatment improved the appearance of my skin.

The ladies at Zenyu were constantly available to provide advice and alter recommendations based on my skin needs.

I highly recommend Zenyu and investing your time and money into Enzyme treatments prior to your big day!


Kassie and Casey are incredible!

These two beauties helped me with my skin and tanning needs for my wedding day! Kassie helped prepare my skin months leading up to my wedding to ensure I had clear and glowing skin – her facials have got to be the best in the business!

Casey helped me with my spray tan for both my bachelorette and wedding day – squashing all my concerns about feeling orange or patchy and delivering a high-quality tan.

These two are the friendliest, most professional and most caring beauticians I’ve encountered! Highly recommend them.


Love DMK enzymes! Fantastic results with Rosacea, very calming and smooth. Best results ever!

Joy S.

DMK – the best skin care product I have ever used in my life. I feel like a new women and loving Zenyu for finding it.

Alisa G.

Brow Queen!! always and forever loyal to Zenyu! Skin glowing, brows on point.


Are you brand “Loyal” I am after discovering DMK. Thank you Zenyu. My skin is on an amazing journey.



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    I have been having regular treatments with Casey and my hormonal acne is compleatly gone, we worked with gut health and Enzyme therapy, now starting needling to remove scarring, never been so happy with my skin!

    Sandra G.

    Unbelievable! I thought my eyebrows were untamable but Zenyu has sculptured them into a beautiful shape! It was pain-free and comfortable and I will always get my brows threaded!


    It was far less painful than waxing or tweezing. Actually seemed faster! I have quite reactive skin so I was pleasantly surprised with how little redness there was. The staff have a very gentle touch and a effective technique. I will definitely be getting threading treatment again- instead of waxing.

    Nicole C.

    Casey has been a lifesaver with my skin, i was suffering from acne that she helped revise with treatments and products, alwasy feel confortable and she always goes above and beyond to help me.


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