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DMK Soothing & Hydrating Occlusive Mask



How to use:

  • Refresh: Apply mask directly to cleansed skin for extra hydration or to reduce inflammation and irritation in compromised or reactive skins. Remove after 20 minutes and clean up any residue. Apply DMK Home Prescriptives including drops, serums, oil/spray, nourishing or treatment crèmes. (Note: DMK Melanotech Drops, Pore Reduction Plus and serums may be applied underneath mask for occlusion and enhanced penetration). Can be used morning or evening.
  • Renew: Cleanse skin and apply Micro Peel as directed. Once Micro Peel has been removed, apply DMK Soothing & Hydrating Occlusive Mask. After 20 minutes, remove mask and any residue from the skin. Follow with DMK Home Prescriptives regimen.
  • Restore: Cleanse the skin using Enbioment Cleanser. Rinse cleanly, pat dry and apply DMK Soothing & Hydrating Occlusive Mask to the skin. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and any residue from the surface and dampen the skin with a fine spray of Enbioment Mist. Dispense an ample amount of Enbioment Serum and work into the skin with mist. Let set for 30–60 seconds and complete treatment by applying DMK Home Prescriptives regimen.


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