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What is Light Therapy?

Light travels at a range of frequencies interacting with the physical world in different ways and each lightwave frequency manifest as a unique colour. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “eat a rainbow” you might know that different coloured foods have specific nutrients and benefits to human and animal health. A similar principle applies to light therapy (sometimes known as phototherapy or chromotherapy).

Light therapy uses controlled light waves to treat different ailments and diseases. Each wavelength of light penetrates a specific depth of skin tissue and, hence different wavelengths of lights can be used to treat different conditions. The LED lights that are commonly used in this field are comprised of complex semiconductors, which convert electrical currents into incoherent narrow-spectrum light, allowing for a more intense colour, or lightwave frequency. The LED lights we use at Zenyu skin and Beauty have multiple colour settings so you can control the settings depending on what you want to achieve., the same as your at home mask!

Reverses sun damage
Reduces wrinkles
Wound healing
Scar reduction
Kills bacteria
Improves metabolism
Assists with pain relief
Reduces stretch marks
Reduces redness on the skin
Fights against Acne bacteria
Increases Collagen production
Deduces blemishes and freckles
Reduces symptoms of psoriasis
Calms eczema & promotes rapid healing
Reduces spider veins and broken capillaries
Promotes elastin production for tighter skin
Cell regeneration and renewal
Eases swollen capillaries
Increases lymphatic flow

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